Torneo ad Inviti
«Renato INCELLI Memorial»
Dear Chessfriends,
the A.S.I.G.C. (Associazione Scacchistica Italiana Giocatori per Corrispondenza) has the pleasure to announce the invitational tournament "Renato INCELLI Memorial", approved by I.C.C.F, and cordially invites the players to participate.
Renato INCELLI (1927 - 2016) was the "Father" of correspondence chess in Italy.
He was among the founders of the modern ASIGC in 1969, and after President and Treasurer for more than 20 years.
He also worked for many years with the ICCF and, as a result of his dedication, he:
 - received the Silver (1984) and the Gold (1985) "Bertl von Massow Medal";
 - was elected twice ICCF Vice President;
 - was nominated (2001) "ICCF Honorary Member".
    He was a good player, cc and otb; partecipated to numerous ICCF tournaments, playing international cc all his life, till the age of 88, for more than 1.000 games.

                Renato Incelli Memorial
Category: 10 - 12 (Possibly higher, dependent on the players entered)
Players : 13 - 15
Transmission: ICCF webserver
Rules : I.C.C.F standard rules for server play - 50 days / 10 moves
Start date : December 2017
T.O. : Gianni Mastrojeni
T.D. : International Arbiter Marco Caressa.
Start fee: none
Prize money:  1st Place   € 1.000;
                         2nd Place     € 500;
                         3rd Place      € 250
Medals for the first 5 places.
Criterion : The highest I.C.C.F rating at November 1, 2017
The minimum Elo for entries is:  2440  

Delegates are kindly invited to nominate 1 player.
The applications shall be sent not later than October 20, 2017 by email to the main organizer:
    Gianni Mastrojeni:, with copy to Marco Caressa:

The ASIGC strives to have a balanced participant field in terms of a) rating and b) as much as national federations participating.
In case of an overflow of entries the ASIGC decides (according to the Tournament rules) on the participants; there will be 2 separate ELO selections: one for ASIGC players, one for the other players.

Gianni Mastrojeni (ICCF Delegate for Italy)